More than 60,000 illustrated primitive art pieces and a complete price database.


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With Tribal Index, you can instantly access the auction results of the major tribal art auctions of the last forty years. You can obtain an exclusive insight in the tribal art market, with the necessary information to study a specific style or to compare artworks.


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About Fig 1 Senufo Statue Christie’s May 95

What is Tribal Index

Tribal Index is an online database of the major African and Oceanic art auctions of the last forty years. Our service offers you an exclusive insight in the tribal art market, with the necessary information to analyse its evolution and depth.

Our object library, with more than 60,000 illustrated and categorized pieces, is a great tool to study a specific style or to compare artworks. The Price Database aims at providing you a set of benchmarks for a greater market transparency.

You are also welcome to customize the database at your will. You have the ability to build your own portfolios of objects or to add comments to the works of your choice. This information is totally personal and accessible only to you. You will also be able to create graphics about the evolution of the market.

Constantly evolving, the database is regularly updated and enriched by new or past sales. Our goal is to select the major sales to provide a coherent and representative set of information. We would like to bring to your attention that Tribal Index represents only one aspect of the Tribal art market: the auction market. The prices obtained at such sales are a good indicator of the value of objects but are also subject to sharp fluctuations according to the auction process. It is therefore recommended to consider these data with caution.

Finally, Tribal Index wishes to be a forum for all collectors, galleries and enthusiasts. We would much appreciate your comments or suggestions. We wish you now a pleasant exploration into Tribal Index with great discoveries!


About Fig 2 Luba Caryatid Loudmer Dec 01

Object library

The Library consists of 60,000 objects, extracted from 330 auctions (as of February 2012). It contains all the African and Oceanic objects of the selected sales. Each object is classified by:

  • Name: description of the object (figure, pulley …..)
  • Type: objects are grouped by function family, namely for Africa: Statue, Mask, Staff, Furniture, Utility object, Weapon, Musical instrument, Container, Textiles & ornament, Misc
  • Origin: production ethnicity (Yoruba, Dogon ….) or specific location (Sepik, Java Island…)
  • Region of origin: Africa has been categorised in six main regions and Oceania in five regions
  • Country of origin
  • Main material: ivory, metal, wood, stone or other
  • Provenance: past collections or sales of the object
  • Size
  • Auction name
  • Auction date
  • Lot Number

All the information about an object is available in its factsheet. You can search for items by one or more of these criteria. The Name is highly variable from one sale to another; therefore, Tribal Index recommends using in priority: Type and Region in order to capture the maximum number of objects.

Price database

Tribal Index provides the estimates and final price of all items in the object library. These prices are available in EUR, USD, FRF and GBP. The exchange rate used is recorded at the day of the sale. You can also adjust the price by the inflation: for example a prize of 1,000 euro in 1980 is equivalent to a 2,612 euro today. The discount factor used is the Consumer Price Index in the United States. If you wish to filter objects by price, please note that the filter is applied to both estimates and final price.

Portfolio construction

The Portfolio module allows you to create your own selection of artworks. You can select object while browsing the database according to their origin, provenance, or simply your taste. Your portfolios are saved under your profile and can only be accessible by you.


You can incorporate your feedback, comments on an object. To do so, please open the factsheet of an object, type your comment and save. Like the Portfolio feature, this service is totally personal.

Graphic module

The graphic module visualizes the sales data of your object selection. The different graphs analyse amongst other things: the evolution of the average selling price and the distribution of the sale price. As mentioned, this feature is available on the universe of objects you have selected, so is extremely flexible and powerful.